The Top Ten Best Irish Folk Songs

These are the top ten best Irish folk songs according to as of 8/22/2020. Once again, we don’t really care what the actual order of the songs are, we just like listening to them. Take a peek and see if your favorites are included in this top ten list. Keep in mind that these rankings are for the song itself, not necessarily for the particular recordings selected below – these are just for demonstration purposes. Enjoy!

1. “Whiskey In The Jar”

2. “The Fields Of Athenry”

3. “The Rocky Road To Dublin”

4. “The Wild Rover”

5. “Galway Girl”

6. “The Irish Rover”

7. “Dirty Old Town”

8. “Bouzouki’s Lullaby For Nature”

9. “Molly Malone”

10. “Danny Boy”

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